Orthotic Insoles

Stabilizer Orthotic Insoles & Accessories by Natural Foot Orthotics®

The Original Stabilizer and Slim Stabilizer orthotic insoles come from a family of arch support inserts proven to help foot, leg and back pain issues. Stabilizer inserts are specifically designed for plantar fasciitis, helping to maintain foot arch infrastructure and balance. Slim Stabilizer insoles are for flat feet or low, sunken arches. Original Stabilizers are for medium to high arched feet. Fashion Stabilizers are our orthotic insoles for heels.

Original Stabilizer Arch Support Insoles by Natural Foot Orthotics with box packaging
$99.95 USD $299.99 USD
Slim Stabilizer Natural Foot Orthotics Flat Feet Insoles
$29.95 USD $35.95 USD