All-In-One Stabilizer Orthotics Package

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Orthotics Wearing Guide

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It explains the different break-in periods for both the Slim Stabilizer and Original Stabilizer arch support inserts.

Stabilizer Orthotics Wearing Guide

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This Stabilizer Orthotics Deal Includes The Following:

All-In-One Package: Natural Foot Orthotics® Stabilizer Orthotics

This video gives an overview of this All-In-One Stabilizer package. Additionally, view our "Getting Started" page for a full walkthrough and in-store fitting of the Stabilizer All-In-One Package.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Lindsay P.
Awesome inserts for pronation!

My sons feet/ankles roll in and these have corrected the issue!

joseph d.

Best orthotic insert I have ever used. No more foot or back pain. Started with the slim and worked my way up to the original. It lifted my arch so well that my foot went down half a shoe size. Would highly recommend to someone with plantar fasciitis or flat feet.

Herb B.
Best Deal Value Pack

I went with the Best Deal Value Pack that included both the Original and the Slim Orthotics along with the Rubber Cushions and Velcro tabs. After wearing these for a few day my heel began to feel better and got back to walking without pain. Very happy with the results. They are working for me.

Dennis C.
Solved my foot problem!

I already had one set of orthotics, so this purchase was for my Pickleball shoes and another set for regular shoes. I use the thinner set for the athletic shoes, and they work great. I HAVE NO MORE PLANTAR FASCIITIS!

Bret M.

I am a 54 year old roofer, I started having very serious foot pain last fall. I had been trying a variety of inserts for a couple years looking for some relief from increasing right foot heel pain. Usually by about 3pm I could hardly stand to be on my feet anymore. After shopping at a certain foot store I was turned off by their system & cost so I looked further. I ordered the value pack and put the stabilizer & cushion in my work boots and started wearing them. They were a little uncomfortable at first so I followed the instructions on wear times. I did notice that they were helping right away. I have been wearing them for 6 months now. I still have a little foot pain at the end of a hard days work but it is nothing like before-it is bearable and when I get home & take my boots off I can walk around without pain. I am very grateful for the Relief from foot pain. I was concerned that I might not be able to continue working as a roofer but now I am hoping to continue working on to full retirement! These are well made & high quality products-they are holding up to a roofers use, the cushion insert is the best I have ever used. If you are looking for relief from plantar fasciitis type foot pain these orthotics are working well for me. Thank-You!

Patty S.
Hurting Feet

Great customer care and products. I still feel the lump under my foot from the stabilizer orthotic ( I assume this is normal) but do not notice it so much. The orthotics did help with foot fatigue and balance, but then I noticed more knee pain that is not normal for me. Still working through these issues slowly. Loved the foot cushions!

Khalid J.
Stabilizer Orthotics Value Pack

The price was very reasonable and the product was equally good. I am using it since early January 2020 and no issue at all.

Mary N.
They've helped a lot

I purchased the set of arch trainers about two months ago. My feet adjusted as described when I followed the directions. It's amazing how much sturdier I feel on my feet. It strikes me that these would help prevent falls as I age. My friend fell recently and twisted his back. I asked him if he was wearing his orthodics and he said, "No, darn it I wasn't!" I'll admit that mostly I wear the black pair the most, especially when my shoe already has some good arch support.

Jeffrey R.
I'm loving 'em

just finishing up the break-in period... and I'm loving the results so far

Richard E.
Good investment.

I have not been able to where the higher orthotics but the lower ones have made a huge difference in the pain in my feet. I went to the local foot store wanted $1000 for their system, I am so glad I found these!!