Fashion Stabilizer High Heel Orthotics

The perfect arch support solution for any and all open heel, high heel or fashionable shoes!

  • Improve posture and balance
  • Perfect for bunion support
  • Made of soft, rubber-like (EVA) plastic
  • Supports all four arches of the foot (metatarsal and transverse)
  • Medical grade ¾ length inserts that take pressure off your heels (for plantar fasciitis) and balls of your feet. 

Natural Foot Orthotics™ Fashion Orthotics arch support insoles are ¾ length, medical grade orthotics that can be moved from shoe to shoe. Guaranteed to fit into all your shoes, including open back sandals.

Made in the USA | Family owned and operated since 1997 | Your purchase comes with 5-Star Customer Service support, and a guaranteed lifetime warranty!

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The Stabilizer™ Series

  • For All Types Of Arches

The #1 orthotic for plantar fasciitis

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