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Years of Orthotic Experience

Since 1997, our mission at Natural Foot Orthotics is to utilize the most advanced technology, combined with a full understanding of the biomechanics of feet and gait, to improve comfort and body alignment while helping you achieve better health through your feet.

Learn how orthotic arch supports help relieve foot, leg, and back pain:


Successfully Helping Thousands Treat Their Foot, Leg, and Back Pain

The company started out with retail stores in California and Arizona.

Presently we are manufacturing the Original Stabilizer Orthotics and the Slim Stabilizer Orthotics and wholesaling to doctors and retailers. 

The latest venture is selling directly to the public on Amazon.com and our online store at an affordable price.

Now everyone can experience foot comfort much easier as our premium orthotic insoles are more accessible than ever before!

Natural Foot Orthotics has helped thousands relieve their foot, leg, and back pain.

Our Mission

Our mission at Natural Foot Orthotics is to utilize the most advanced technology, combined with a full understanding of the biomechanics of feet and gait, to improve comfort and body alignment and help people achieve better health through their feet.

By delivering this mission, Natural Foot Orthotics aims to reduce and eliminate and prevent pain and trauma in the load-bearing joints of your body, which improves body alignment, balance and posture.

Natural Foot Orthotics sells at a fraction of the retail cost as they are the manufacturer and can afford to pass the savings along to you!

Our orthotic arch supports are manufactured in the USA and made from a proprietary blend of the highest quality materials.

Each of our products carries a lifetime warranty.

Natural Foot Orthotics: Original and Slim Orthotic Insoles

The Original and Slim orthotic stabilizers are our signature orthotic insoles.

Both orthotic insoles take pressure off the heel and forefoot, helping to align the joints and spine. 

Results from those with plantar fasciitis, heel, forefoot, joint and lower back pain are quite dramatic. Here are some of the reasons why thousands use our products every single day.

Natural Foot Orthotics Features:

  • The Original stabilizer for high arches
  • The Intermediate stabilizer for medium to high arches
  • The Slim stabilizer for flat feet or low arches
  • The Fashion stabilizer for high heels and dress shoes
  • The Cloud Comfort for all-day wear
  • All orthotics are designed specifically for plantar fasciitis
  • Medical grade arch support inserts

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Some of our orthotic customer testimonials:

Best Support Ever

"I’ve had surgery on both heels and will need arch supports permanently. These are the best supports I’ve ever owned -even better than custom made supports. I currently have three pair and will be buying more in the future." — Michael K.

Feedback On Slim Stabilizers

"Order a set of slim stabilizers for my niece. She plays soccer on elite travel team in FL. Unfortunate she had pronation of feet, after play a series of games. Her feet were aching terrible. Not anymore! She running like a deer and no one can catch her." — Jim E.

Very Satisfied

"So far I’ve been using them with one hour extension every day for about one week and my heel really start to get better! In the beginning I had really sore muscles on the front of my lower legs, but that’s gone now and I enjoy them more and more! Will definitely recommend this product for plantar facilities pain! I will consider buying the lower one too when I’m over the worst pain in my heel..." Mona V.

Changing Lives In An Affordable Way

"I originally went to good feet because my plantar fasciitis had become unbearable. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford close to $900 worth of their product. So after some research I came across the same products for a much lower price. Thank you for making an affordable quality product that, I feel, is a life saver." — Syearra L.

Really Helps

"FoI purchased the Original Stabilizer a week before we left for a 3 week trip to Europe that would involve a lot of walking and being on my feet most of the day. I had been experiencing plantar fasciitis for a couple months, and my heel on one foot was usually sore from just normal activities so I was very concerned with how I would do on this trip. I did the break-in before we left. I am happy to report that I had almost no heel pain during our trip. I walked 11 miles one day without pain from my p-f, although my feet were very tired. I am very happy with this product. I will probably be buying the orthotics for my dress shoes, too." — Patricia C.

20 Years And Still Going Strong...

"I have been wearing these Orthotics for about 20 years now. I stumbled across them by accident in Tennessee and bought a pair. I could not have been happier with the results and been wearing them ever since. I work in the field service business and carry heavy tools with me everyday, these Orthotics are Heaven Sent. I am on my third pair." — David B.

Good Inserts For Correcting Pronation

"The value pack will serve me well. I need tie shoes for support and pronation. started with the the originals, and yes they certainly give you arch support, I can wear them all day at work at my standup desk, they are strong and sturdy, very well made. I have used the middle more flexible ones as well, and so I will alternate them. The slim black ones I will try with flats or slip on shoes when it’s warmer weather, I’m looking forward to trying them in slip ons because I’ve basically given up trying to wear anything but tie shoes. If you can’t start with the originals, start with the slim or middle more flexible inserts and then work your way up to the most arch support of the originals." — Debby W.

These Really Worked

"I had so much pain before I got these orthotics. Almost immediately I felt relief. I have the two weeks and I am almost at a 100 percent again. Great orthotics really helped me." — Margit F.

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Just Getting Started With Stabilizer Orthotics?

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