Original Orthotic Stabilizer | Insoles Designed for High Arches

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Orthotic Arch Support Inserts for High Arches

The Original Stabilizer Insoles are designed for high arches and offer the most aggressive arch support.

Podiatrist Designed - Specifically engineered for people with high arches, its unique design supports all four arches of each foot, essentially reshaping the foot and distributing your body weight evenly across the bottom of the foot. This will immediately take pressure off the heels and forefoot and also help to align the knees, hips, and back providing almost instant relief. For good feet support and stability.

Chronic Foot Ailments - The Original Stabilizer addresses the discomfort associated with chronic foot ailments like Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Bunions, Morton’s Neuroma, Hammertoes, Joint, Lower Back, Balance, and Posture issues along the kinetic chain by placing the foot into the desired subtalar neutral position relieving pressure on vulnerable areas.

Original vs. Intermediate – If unsure which orthotic is right for you, start with the Intermediate, which offers a softer-flexible solution. The Original is designed for higher arches and for those in search of a more aggressive arch support.

Gradual Break-In Period - Acknowledging the importance of a gradual break-in period. Users are advised to wear the Original Stabilizer for progressively longer durations over two to three weeks. Starting with short wear times on day 1 for 1 hour with gradual daily increases. Multiple orthotics can also be helpful during the break-in period to prevent the arches from going without any support. Natural Foot Cushions can also be worn over the top of this orthotic for additional comfort.

Durable, Semi-Ridged Design - The Original Stabilizers are a ¾ length orthotic. Designed to work well in athletic and casual dress shoes and boots. Vented for good airflow and comfort. Made in the USA Manufacturer Established 1997.

Orthotics are a lifelong investment in your quality of life. Orthotics will fit and feel different in every pair of shoes. You may want to consider two to three pairs of orthotics. For example, at work, the Original offers total support needed but when you get home and the demand on your feet is less, the milder Slim Stabilizer or Cloud Comfort will still offer support but will help to relax the feet. And this will give you options for different styles of shoes and activities.

Orthotics Wearing Guide

Learn about the "Original" orthotic arch supports in the following video:

Our Line of Premium Orthotic Insoles Work in The Same Way:

1. They help to reestablish all four arches of each foot.
2. They take pressure off the heel and forefoot to help align the joints and spine.


Orthotic Insoles - Original for high to medium arches. The Original insoles were designed to relieve those suffering from foot ailments with medium to high arches. Treat foot pain. Good for Feet.

Original Stabilizer Benefits & Features:

If you have high to medium foot arches and need alleviation from issues related to plantar fasciitis, the Original Orthotic Stabilizer Insoles have you covered.

  • Avoid Surgical Procedures, Shots, and Medications - Thousands of satisfied users have reported 100% relief from plantar fascitis, heel, forefoot, joint, and lower back pain after starting with our arch supports. Benefit from an effective healing process for a fraction of the $400+ price you will see from others on the market.
  • Instant Pain Relief Customized Specifically For You - The Original Stabilizer orthotic is available in men's and women's shoe sizes to ensure the most comfortable experience possible. No general size or trimming length to fit. Customize your orthopedic sole to what is best for your body. You can wear these in your running shoes, boots, or casual dress shoes. We also offer the Fashion Insole Orthotics specifically suited for heels and fashion shoes.
  • Made In USA From Superior Materials - Original Stabilizers are made from semi-rigid EVA plastic which provides the ideal firmness for best results and permanent pain relief. Avoid cheaper soles with multiple layers glued together that simply pad your feet with no true targeted healing. All our Stabilizer orthotic insoles are doctor and chiropractor-recommended orthotics.
  • Walk, Run, and Play Sports Pain-Free Again - Relive the days before your plantar fasciitis pain when walking and standing tall were effortless. Enjoy a full workout or day at work without feeling a burning pain with each step. Foot joint and back pain does not have to be something you deal with for the rest of your life.

Lifetime Warranty & 5-Star Customer Support

5 Star Customer Support at Natural Foot Orthotics

Our orthotics support experts are ready to offer the personalized support you need to make sure we help you eliminate your pain from plantar fasciitis in as little time as possible. If you feel your foot orthotics are not bringing the pain relief you need, we offer a 30-day risk-free trial with our 30-Day Exchange Program that includes a hassle-free return policy. 
Please view our Lifetime Warranty & Easy Exchange Policy here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 198 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 257 reviews
Teri Simpson
I used these orthotics for...

Many years. They were a miracle for my back, hips, knees, and feet. I have to get a larger shoe to use these. I'm so excited to have these again and to begin to use them! I have had chronic joint pain from the age of 12yrs. I'll update my review once my shoes get here. Thank you!

Angela Schubach

I’ve only been wearing my orthotics for 2 weeks but I already notice that I’m not waking up with heel pain in the mornings. So glad for that! The only downside I’ve noticed is that when I put them under my tennis shoe inserts, there is a squeaky noise when I walk. Overall I’m very pleased with the product.

Ann Maletic
I love walking in my neighborhood

The Natural Foot Orthotics allow me to resume my 2 or 3 mile walks in my neighborhood. Thanks!

Doug Alton
Arches misplaced

Good arches, but they are too far forward, not where my foot arches are.

Stephanie Galvan
Planter fascitis pain relief

My husband looked at this and said, "now that's a serious arch support!
Wow. This was just what I needed...this is what I wish I would have bought first rather than all of the drugstore ones that didn't help.

Rodney Whitaker
Everything is great right now

All is good , feet feeling better , hope you received the returns back ok

Ellen Lee
Great orthotics

I've used orthotics in the past and these were great quality. I don't have any foot issues, but some shoes cause irritation at the ball of feet. These fixed that issue.

Jeff Alan Brown
In Disbelief

I'm with Carla Jiminez, I went to the good feet store today I was quoted $1500 for the " SET of 3 cushions. This here is the same cushion I was told in the store was going to be $499.00. I understand they need to make a profit, but if they can sell online for $99.00 and make a profit. the store has a ridiculous mark up.

David Hoy
Best value

Like many others, I got sucked into the “good feet” store advertising. Their commercials using satisfied customers are very convincing. I heard they were “pricey”. So, I go there, submit to the fitting process for the orthotics and a pair of shoes. The cost? Just shy of $1500! WTH? For 6 pieces of moulded plastic, 2of which will never be used. I “sucked it up”, paid the price. They worked as advertised. Went back a year later and asked for a 2nd set as I split my time between 2 locations. I appealed to them for something resembling a reasonable price. They would not. My wife found your products on line, bought several pairs for a fraction of the cost from the “good feet” store. Their pricing scheme is obscene, taking advantage of folks like myself who are desperate for relief and who aren’t savvy enough to look for alternatives.

Carla Jimenez
Forget the good feet store

I went to the good feet store. In desperation, I left in disbelief $2000 is what they wanted for their arch support inserts and a pair of shoes. Oh yeah, they’ll throw in some socks and some flat rubber shoe inserts that you can get at H-E-B for $$12.99.
I found you guys online after doing some research after going to the good feet store $2000. Unbelievable yeah my feet were killing me but they would even hurt more if I had to pay that kind of money. Thank you for having something out there that a hard-working, low income individual could afford, yes I had to add a little more height to one. One of my legs is shorter than the other, but they work wonderful no more having to tape up the ball of my foot with sponge because the pain was so intense it’s nice to just slip my feet into a pair of shoes and be able to go . I will be purchasing another pair as soon as I come up with another hundred dollars. Hopefully will be soon once again thank you so much my feet are in heaven never thought I would feel this good working eight hours a day no problem anymore. Thank you again and keep up the good work for us low to middle income individuals that can’t afford $2000 give me a break. !!