Intermediate Orthotic Stabilizer | Insoles Designed for Medium to High Arches

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Orthotic Arch Support Inserts for Medium to High Arches

The Intermediate Stabilizer Insoles are designed for medium to high arches and offer a soft-flexible solution to your feet aliments.

Podiatrist Designed - Specifically engineered for people with medium-height arches, its unique design supports all four arches of each foot, essentially reshaping the foot and distributing your body weight evenly across the bottom of the foot. This will immediately take pressure off the heels and forefoot and also help to align the knees, hips, and back providing almost instant relief. For good feet support and stability.

Chronic Foot Ailments - The Intermediate Stabilizer addresses the discomfort associated with chronic foot ailments like Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Bunions, Morton’s Neuroma, Hammertoes, Joint, Lower Back, Balance, and Posture issues along the kinetic chain by placing the foot into the desired subtalar neutral position relieving pressure on vulnerable areas.

Intermediate vs. Original – If unsure which orthotic is right for you, start with the Intermediate, which offers a softer-flexible solution. The Original is designed for higher arches and for those in search of a more aggressive arch support.

Gradual Break-In Period - Acknowledging the importance of a gradual break-in period. Users are advised to wear the Intermediate Stabilizer for progressively longer duration's over one to two weeks. Starting with short wear times on day 1 for 2 hours with gradual daily increases. Multiple orthotics can also be helpful during the break-in period to prevent the arches from going without any support. Natural Foot Cushions can also be worn over the top of this orthotic for additional comfort.

Durable, Medium-Soft Design - The Intermediate Stabilizers are a ¾ length orthotic. Designed to work well in athletic and casual dress shoes and boots. Vented for good airflow and comfort. Made in the USA Manufacturer Established 1997.

Orthotics are a lifelong investment in your quality of life. Orthotics will fit and feel different in every pair of shoes. You may want to consider two to three pairs of orthotics. For example, at work, the Intermediate offers total support needed but when you get home and the demand on your feet is less, the milder Slim Stabilizer or Cloud Comfort will still offer support but will help to relax the feet. And this will give you options for different styles of shoes and activities.

Orthotics Wearing Guide

Learn about the "Intermediate" orthotic arch supports in the following video:

Our Line of Premium Orthotic Insoles Work in The Same Way:

1. They help to reestablish all four arches of each foot.
2. They take pressure off the heel and forefoot to help align the joints and spine.


Orthotic Insoles - Intermediate for medium to high arches. The Intermediate insoles were designed to relieve those suffering from foot ailments with medium to high arches. Treat foot pain. Good for Feet.

Intermediate Stabilizer Benefits & Features:

If you have medium foot arches and need alleviation from issues related to plantar fasciitis, the Intermediate Orthotic Stabilizer Insoles have you covered.

  • Avoid Surgical Procedures, Shots, and Medications - Thousands of satisfied users have reported 100% relief from plantar fasciitis, heel, forefoot, joint, and lower back pain after starting with our arch supports. Benefit from an effective healing process for a fraction of the $400+ price you will see from others on the market.
  • Instant Pain Relief Customized Specifically For You - The Original Stabilizer orthotic is available in men's and women's shoe sizes to ensure the most comfortable experience possible. No general size or trimming length to fit. Customize your orthopedic sole to what is best for your body. You can wear these in your running shoes, boots, or casual dress shoes. We also offer the Fashion Insole Orthotics specifically suited for heels and fashion shoes.
  • Made In USA From Superior Materials - Original Stabilizers are made from semi-rigid plastic which provides the ideal firmness for best results and permanent pain relief. Avoid cheaper soles with multiple layers glued together that simply pad your feet with no true targeted healing. All our Stabilizer orthotic insoles are doctor and chiropractor-recommended orthotics.
  • Walk, Run, and Play Sports Pain-Free Again - Relive the days before your plantar fasciitis pain when walking and standing tall were effortless. Enjoy a full workout or day at work without feeling a burning pain with each step. Foot joint and back pain does not have to be something you deal with for the rest of your life.

Lifetime Warranty & 5-Star Customer Support

5 Star Customer Support at Natural Foot Orthotics

Our orthotics support experts are ready to offer the personalized support you need to make sure we help you eliminate your pain from plantar fasciitis in as little time as possible. If you feel your foot orthotics are not bringing the pain relief you need, we offer a 30-day risk-free trial with our 30-Day Exchange Program that includes a hassle-free return policy.
Please view our Lifetime Warranty & Easy Exchange Policy here

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Eddie Sebastian
Not 100% sure

I'm still using the insoles daily, but I still have heel and arch pain. Sometimes it's even painful to wear the orthotic, but I keep telling myself to give it time. I'm trying different shoes or boots to see if there is any difference, but very little changes as of yet.

Belinda Gardner

Great support

Anita Frederick
insole support

Still working with my orthotics and hoping they're going to work. I'm still having some issue with my plantar fasciitis.

Rodney Whitaker
Super Satisfied

My feet were really hurting at work , I stand on concrete 10 hrs a day , me feet feel great after work , I’ll be putting you inserts in all my shoes.. thanks for the help

Donna Layle
Intermediate inserts

Great product, however I feel the intermediate is not the fit for me. I put them in
my athletic shoes thinking they woul be best suited. Unfortunately I just cannot get comfortable with them. By the end of the time duggested my feet are very sore and tender. Unlike the slim, they are fantastic!

A savior!

Was dealing with crazy pain from hrs on my feet everyday. After a short time of getting myself conditioned to wearing these…all foot pain is gone. THANKS!!

Theresa Stambaugh

This is my 3rd stanilizer. Every one has been comfortable, and helps a lot with back & knee pain.

Duane Regan
Arch Supports Feedback

Although I have placed several orders for your products, I am not the end user. I have introduced your products to several individuals living in my senior housing complex. After seeing your products on YouTube, I told those I know having documented foot problems to watch your vlog and let me know what they think. That method has resulted in no less than four separate individuals requesting your products. This is also why the exchanges have been above average. At least 2 more persons have expressed interest, but as of yet not ordered. I did not start out to be a distributor for your products, only to help a friend get some relief. All seem to be quite pleased so far. I will most likely continue to order for those not computer comfortable. Should you have additional questions, please contact me.

Ken Woodard
Great inserts!

These inserts work to help planter fasciitis. If you have not worn them before, know it will take 4 to 12 weeks to completely heal and remove the pain, but you will feel immediate and continuous improvement. I have 3 pairs of the intermediate level bd five of the high level because I keep them in all my shoes.

Janet Sorrells

Intermediate Stabilizer | Arch Support Insert for Medium Arches