Getting Started

Discover how our orthotics can make a difference to your comfort and health. Below learn about how to get started with Natural Foot Orthotics Stabilizers with Ernie Parrish, founder of Natural Foot Orthotics®. 

This video will help you get started successfully with Natural Foot Orthotics.


The video goes over:

  • Choosing the right orthotic for your foot.
  • Selecting the appropriate size.
  • How to insert the orthotics into your shoes correctly.
  • Explanation of the break-in period. 

  • View the full video with text version of the Ordering, Sizing & Wearing Guidelines here.



    Beach Balance Test - How They Work “Naturally”


    This is a Biomechanical Balance Test Before and After performed on a hard surface, on a boogie board, and then on our Natural Foot Orthotics® Stabilizer Orthotic Insoles, all then compared to sand. 

    View the Beach Balance Test Video page for additional information.


    Watch a Detailed Fitting of the All In One Package



    Orthotic Comparison - Buy Direct

    Natural Foot Orthotics sells at a fraction of the retail cost as they are the manufacturer and can afford to pass the savings along to you. Now everyone can experience foot comfort much easier as our premium orthotic insoles are more accessible than ever before!


    Introduction To Our Product Line

    Natural Foot Orthotics arch supports are manufactured in the USA and made from a proprietary blend of superior quality materials. Each of our products carries a lifetime warranty.



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