Slim Stabilizer | Arch Support Insert for Low/Flat Arches

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The Slim Stabilizer low arch insoles are designed to help in the exact same way as our Original Stabilizer foot orthotics (our top rated insoles for plantar fasciitis).

Who The Slim Stabilizer Low Arch Insoles Are Best For

The Natural Foot Orthotics® Slim Stabilizer Insoles are specifically designed for low to medium arches or "flat feet". These arch support inserts are best for you if you have collapsed or fallen arches. They alleviate problems associated with plantar fasciitis and are great in everyday shoes as well as your dress shoes and running shoes. 



Slim Stabilizers Features & Benefits Include:


  • AVOID SURGICAL PROCEDURES, SHOTS AND MEDICATIONS - Thousands of satisfied users have already reported 100% relief from plantar fascitis and heel / forefoot / joint / lower back pain. The Slim Stabilizer insole supports all 4 of your foot arches to take stress off the plantar fasciia. This starts an effective healing process for a fraction of the $400+ price you will see from others.
  • INSTANT PAIN RELIEF CUSTOMIZED SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU - Orthotic available in mens and womens shoe sizes to ensure the most comfortable experience possible; no general size or trimming length to fit. Easy to follow break-in instructions TO customize your orthopaedic sole to your body’s needs for a lifetime. Wear in your running shoes boot dress shoes and all types of heels. Specifically for low to medium arches and flat feet (overpronation).
  • SUPERIOR MATERIALS PRODUCED IN USA - Made from semi-rigid Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) plastic which provides the ideal firmness for best results and permanent pain relief. Avoid cheaper soles with multiple layers glued together that simply pad your feet with no true targeted healing. These are doctor and chiropractor recommended orthotics.
  • WALK RUN AND PLAY SPORTS PAIN FREE AGAIN - Relive the days before your planter fasciitis pain where walking and standing tall were effortless. Enjoy a full workout or day at work without feeling a burning pain with each step. Foot joint and back pain does not have to be something you deal with for the rest of your life.


5 star customer support

Our orthotics support experts are ready to offer the personalized support you need to make sure we help you eliminate your pain from plantar fasciitis in as little time as possible. If you feel like your foot orthotics are not bringing the pain relief you need, we offer a 30-day risk free trial with our 30-Day Exchange Program that includes a hassle-free return policy.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Ryan Kesler

Slim Stabilizer | Arch Support Insert for Low/Flat Arches

John Olmstead Jr
Best arch supports i have ever worn

I just bought three more slim stabilizer arch supports (I now have 6) so i have supports for all of my shoes. I bought my first set in 2019 and then later two more. These have been a God send for my flat feet. When i was young i wore arch supports prescribed by a foot doctor - but stopped wearing them as they did not really help much and they were very expensive. There are much better and reasonably priced. I love wearing them and they have made walking much more comfortable.

Anngray Doig

I didn’t know why I was having foot and ankle pain. Orthopedic surgeon told me and gave me a prescription for ‘custom’ orthotics. I would have to wait for an appt and then go back for fittings…I found this company online after much research. I called and Ernie and his wife explained and helped me for 2 hours on the telephone! Explained to me the type of shoes I needed with their orthotics. Went on Amazon with me and helped me find the correct shoe!! As soon as I received the orthotics they recommended I put them in my shoes. This is the FIRST RELIEF I HAVE HAD FROM MY PAIN IN 5 MONTHS!! The relief was immediate. I believe thanks to these orthotics my right shoulder and back pain has also been relieved. Best $ I have ever spent. I can’t say enough about the kind through customer service. I know I would never have had this type of attention at a prescriptive orthotics provider. When I called the Rx company they never mentioned the correct shoe to bring. I can’t thank Ernie and his wife enough!!!!😊

JOHN Manzella
These orthotics have helped eliminate foot pain

I had so much pain before I started using these orthotics that I stopped playing tennis. Now my pain is gone and I have been able yo return to the tennis courts!

Erik Chabot
Quality product that works.

I am 49 years old. I work on my feet a lot and wear steel toed boots. About a year ago my PF was getting so bad I needed to do something about it. The pain was beginning to get sharp. I found Natural Foot online and chose it because all the reviews were good and with their ridged construction, theoretically they would never wear out. I bought one of the more aggressive units for my work boots and one of the less aggressive for all my other shoes and slippers. Immediately I felt some relief, the sharpness subsided some. Over the course of a year, the pain slowly subsided. to the point where I can honestly say the pain is completely gone. I just bought another two repairs at 30% off so I don't have to switch them around in my shoes so much. In my experience, this product is well worth the money.

Gloria Lalumia
Great in sandals, flats, etc.

I've had trouble with my feet over the last few years due to custom orthotics that actually created stress fractures in my feet. I have some slippers and sandals that I haven't been able to wear. But the Slims work wonderfully in these as well as in some flat shoes I've had for years! I am so happy to be able to be able to wear this "lost in the closet" footwear again!

Nice orthotic , I wear it everyday now

Easy to use, , seems to help with my plantar fasciitis

Michael Duong
Love the orthotics!

These help me so much with my flat feet! They are so well made and I am so happy with my purchase. Thank you for keeping my feet pain free.


I do not have flat feet , but they work well for me . your regular ones are uncomfortable .

Telmo G Heredia
Bought Two pairs

Bought the first pair of these fantastic orthotics, I’ve been wearing costume made leather orthotics for the past 25 years for flat feet , I’ve been looking for new ones that would be durable and run a cross this brand.,what got my attention was the ‘life time guaranty’ and the price ,not too expensive not too inexpensive,decided to give it try and couldn’t be
happier , I’ve already gotten my second pair ,one is just for work where I spend 10 hours a day on my feet and the other ones for my sneakers and dress shoes and they fit perfectly, i might buy another pair just for dress shoes because I want them to last ,I was wearing my dress shoes with out orthotics because the ones i had were thick and it got too tight and caused my feet to slice up and down every time I took a step , but these ones fit just right, the only minor ,tiny problem is they slide forward very slightly ,not every time though ,but once the little rectangle and squares at the bottom of the orthotics get a grip from the insole of the shoes they stay in place ,am sure they’ll fix that in the future , they do feel very durable and very sturdy .
Regards from Queens NY.