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We find it very gratifying to hear all the great feedback from our satisfied clients.
Many had previously resigned themselves to years of pain... 
...pain associated with plantar fasciitis, sciatica, neuromas and chronic back pain. 

Thanks to our good feet orthotic solutions like our Slim and Original Stabilizer plantar fasciitis insoles,
Time and time again we hear that the results have been night and day.
And that because of our Stabilizer orthotic insoles, lives are now significantly more enjoyable.

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Comfortable thin and very supportive. Perfect for my shoes that have a back strap

Slim Stabilizer | Arch Support Insert for Low/Flat Arches

Best value

Like many others, I got sucked into the “good feet” store advertising. Their commercials using satisfied customers are very convincing. I heard they were “pricey”. So, I go there, submit to the fitting process for the orthotics and a pair of shoes. The cost? Just shy of $1500! WTH? For 6 pieces of moulded plastic, 2of which will never be used. I “sucked it up”, paid the price. They worked as advertised. Went back a year later and asked for a 2nd set as I split my time between 2 locations. I appealed to them for something resembling a reasonable price. They would not. My wife found your products on line, bought several pairs for a fraction of the cost from the “good feet” store. Their pricing scheme is obscene, taking advantage of folks like myself who are desperate for relief and who aren’t savvy enough to look for alternatives.

Forget the good feet store

I went to the good feet store. In desperation, I left in disbelief $2000 is what they wanted for their arch support inserts and a pair of shoes. Oh yeah, they’ll throw in some socks and some flat rubber shoe inserts that you can get at H-E-B for $$12.99.
I found you guys online after doing some research after going to the good feet store $2000. Unbelievable yeah my feet were killing me but they would even hurt more if I had to pay that kind of money. Thank you for having something out there that a hard-working, low income individual could afford, yes I had to add a little more height to one. One of my legs is shorter than the other, but they work wonderful no more having to tape up the ball of my foot with sponge because the pain was so intense it’s nice to just slip my feet into a pair of shoes and be able to go . I will be purchasing another pair as soon as I come up with another hundred dollars. Hopefully will be soon once again thank you so much my feet are in heaven never thought I would feel this good working eight hours a day no problem anymore. Thank you again and keep up the good work for us low to middle income individuals that can’t afford $2000 give me a break. !!

Relief !!!

I have been dealing with back, sciatic nerve, and foot pain for the last 20 years. I have had a lot of relief since I started using the Natural Foot Orthotics. I have worked as a Fire Marshal for the last 30 years and being on my feet pretty much all day was making this become a big use at job. I am glad i was able to find you site and order this!

The verdict is still out.

I am very pleased these fit my high heels! Finding orthotic insoles that fit dress shoes is almot impossible. That being said I am still in the "breaking in" process and have not completely made up my mind. I wish they had a soft layer on top of the insole itself as I have very tender feet and find the insole slightly uncomfortable. I am hoping as my feet adjust to the insole they will be more comfortable overall. The support itself though is spot on.

Better than good feet

They do a great job and a whole lot cheaper than good feet


This is my 3rd stanilizer. Every one has been comfortable, and helps a lot with back & knee pain.

very happy with my purchase. Excellent on my feet

Pain free

I have a high arch and most shoes these days have no arch or a soft worthless pad made to look like support. After awhile I just need something firm under my arch so I quit limping.


I still haven’t been able to wear them all day or every day. I may have chosen the wrong one for my feet.

Great purchase

Hip pain resolving in just a couple weeks, wonderful value for surprising results.

To much money.

They look just like the phase 4 Orthotics I bought yr.s ago that I got two pair for $20.
You have $300.00 and you have for $99 that just way to much money.

Son loves his supports.

We recommend these to all our friends with foot issues. They work great. Especially for standing at work all day

High Arch support

This new high arch support is slightly narrow (smaller) compare to the one bought years ago! Prefer the older arch support shape!

Perfect Fit

Comfortable fit. Needed no break-in time. Material used could be sturdier with a less give.

I am still getting used to the high arch support. It takes time for my feet to adapt to the feeling. So far all seems to be going well.

Arch supports

Purchased additional pairs of supports as number of shoes in closet increase. One for one makes sense!

Intermediate orthotic

I love these, as I work at my tennis shoes.

I love them. I used to have overpriced "Good Feet" orthotics. Now I have 5 pair of Naturals!

Great purchase!

I have worn custom orthotics for years. I am tired of paying outrageous prices. I saw this website and decided to try them. I have very flat, pronated feet.
I bought the slim version, as suggested by their website. I have since bought a second pair, as I am very pleased with their orthotics. They are better than any custom orthotics I ever bought.

The best

I initially bought the original supports and experienced complete relief after about a month. However, they were too large to fit into my running and workout shoes due to the lower volume of those shoes, so I was unable to use them during exercise. As a result, my pain returned. I called the customer support team and they suggested using the slim stabilizers for working out. Problem solved! I now own 2 pairs of both the original arch supports and slim stabilizers and no longer have any foot pain. Very happy to have found these!

so far so good

So far, very comfortable. And I greatly admire the company for keeping the price reasonable!

Awsome Orthotics!!!

Just bought my 2nd pair today. I love the support on my feet!!

Arch Supports Feedback

Although I have placed several orders for your products, I am not the end user. I have introduced your products to several individuals living in my senior housing complex. After seeing your products on YouTube, I told those I know having documented foot problems to watch your vlog and let me know what they think. That method has resulted in no less than four separate individuals requesting your products. This is also why the exchanges have been above average. At least 2 more persons have expressed interest, but as of yet not ordered. I did not start out to be a distributor for your products, only to help a friend get some relief. All seem to be quite pleased so far. I will most likely continue to order for those not computer comfortable. Should you have additional questions, please contact me.