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We find it very gratifying to hear all the great feedback from our satisfied clients.
Many had previously resigned themselves to years of pain... 
...pain associated with plantar fasciitis, sciatica, neuromas and chronic back pain. 

Thanks to our good feet orthotic solutions like our Slim and Original Stabilizer plantar fasciitis insoles,
Time and time again we hear that the results have been night and day.
And that because of our Stabilizer orthotic insoles, lives are now significantly more enjoyable.

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Very Satisfied

I am experiencing a flare up of plantar fasciitis. In desperation I ordered these Natural Foot Orthotics inserts. I am now able to get relief from the crippling pain that is plantar fasciitis.
The orthotic insert is a bit uncomfortable for awhile as it feels like I have a large rock in my shoe, but it is only discomfort, which is a far cry from the debilitating, crippling pain that I was experiencing before using this product. I am very thankful for Natural Foot Orthotics and would recommend them to people who have plantar fasciitis. I truly think if instructions are followed and an honest look at what the difference is from not using the orthotic to using it as far as pain levels are concerned, most people will be very satisfied.

Heel Pain Helpers

I have very bad heel pain that makes it difficult to walk at times. I have tried many inserts (custom and expensive), so far Natural Foot Orthotics have worked very well to ease the foot pain and help me walk pain free at a fraction of the price! I’m going to keep wearing them!


Even tho it takes time to break your body into the insole they have been life changing! I have 20 pairs of insoles, professional orthopedics, heel cups, ball of foot pads and to many pairs of shoes they say they will help you. Well they didn’t and these DID. Wish I found them sooner! You won’t regret buying these with the awesome sole pads. ❤️

Best product hands,(feet) down

I have the high priced foot orthotics from named specialty insert store, but needed extra support and extra pairs. I don’t need the added expense for nothing but name. I wear these daily for 14 hours in the oil field, then on to the horse barn, seven days a week. These inserts work as hard as I do, and keep up with no problem. The added stability and reduced joint aches from feet to shoulders and neck are worth any price.

Original Stabilizer - High Arch Support Inserts


I have the more aggressive pair in my work boots and the less aggressive pair in my Crocs that I wear in the house. I have realized very noticeable relief from my foot pain. I am very happy with my purchase! Thank You

Orthotic Cushions

Works well good product.

Work great!

My feet are finally starting to feel normal again.
The pain in my heels has already diminished.
I feel more stable on my feet. Great product!

I do not have flat feet , but they work well for me . your regular ones are uncomfortable .

Bought Two pairs

Bought the first pair of these fantastic orthotics, I’ve been wearing costume made leather orthotics for the past 25 years for flat feet , I’ve been looking for new ones that would be durable and run a cross this brand.,what got my attention was the ‘life time guaranty’ and the price ,not too expensive not too inexpensive,decided to give it try and couldn’t be
happier , I’ve already gotten my second pair ,one is just for work where I spend 10 hours a day on my feet and the other ones for my sneakers and dress shoes and they fit perfectly, i might buy another pair just for dress shoes because I want them to last ,I was wearing my dress shoes with out orthotics because the ones i had were thick and it got too tight and caused my feet to slice up and down every time I took a step , but these ones fit just right, the only minor ,tiny problem is they slide forward very slightly ,not every time though ,but once the little rectangle and squares at the bottom of the orthotics get a grip from the insole of the shoes they stay in place ,am sure they’ll fix that in the future , they do feel very durable and very sturdy .
Regards from Queens NY.

Great value

Great value and customer service

not received

I ordered the stabilizer on December the 3rd you say you filled the order but I have not received anything from you. USPS says they have not received the nothing from you as of yet. Please fill the order!!!

Slim Stabilizer Orthotics - Low Arch Insoles For Flat Feet

Great Product

Insoles give immediate relief of foot pain. Arches are supported properly and long lasting! Thank you

I have not found a better made or functioning Orthotic than these in the last thirty five years.uct

I have not found a better made or functioning Orthotic than these in the last thirty five years. Lot of knock offs and similar but none match this wonderful, life changing product.

Original Stabilizer - High Arch Support Inserts
Ron Williams Huntington Beach ca
Original stability high arch support inserts

Had custom orthotics for years , order a pair of original stabilizer with the high arch back in 2020, I have a flat feet and my feet need a high arch for support , these work great for my feet support under my arch and metatarsal support,I wear a size 10 so I order the mens 10-10.5 , now I own 4 pair , I put them in every pair of shoes, also got Stabilizer slim for my dress shoes they work great as well , they are worth every penny, no more plantar fasciitis !

Second Purchase

Product as advertised. I have been using orthotics inserts since early 2000. These are MUCH better quality than the overpriced model I first purchased at the local Foot Store Retailer those many years ago. Thank you for the 30% off Black Friday Deal for my second pair!

Stabilizer arch supports

I received the two pair of cushion insoles, but not the arch supports.

5 🌟

Feeling very good so far. I like them

The pain is gone

This is the 2nd pair we got
I was using for over a year and my sister also got this
No problem anymore and I walk four times a week
Best Products

Greatest orthotics

Love these!! This is my second order. They have made all the difference in my feet. Hardly any pain ever. I usually walk 4 miles a day so they get a beating. Helps with plantar fasciitis better than anything else I have tried.

I love that I can wear these with sandals!

The flesh colored insole is perfect with the Velcro pads to hold them in place in my pretty heels and sandals. The black flat insole doesn’t do much for me but it came with, so I’ll keep it just in case.

Seems fine

Wearing them for the third day.
All is good!

All-In-One Stabilizer Orthotics Package
Evelyn Manguba
Superior Product and Customer Service

If you are on the fence about this product, be assured that it is the best bang for your buck. My arches had fallen and led to knee issues. Within a week of wearing the stabilizers, my knee issue is nearly completely gone. I am back on the treadmill without issues thanks to the Natural Foot Orthotic products.