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We find it very gratifying to hear all the great feedback from our satisfied clients.
Many had previously resigned themselves to years of pain... 
...pain associated with plantar fasciitis, sciatica, neuromas and chronic back pain. 

Thanks to our good feet orthotic solutions like our Slim and Original Stabilizer plantar fasciitis insoles,
Time and time again we hear that the results have been night and day.
And that because of our Stabilizer orthotic insoles, lives are now significantly more enjoyable.

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so far so good

So far, very comfortable. And I greatly admire the company for keeping the price reasonable!

Awsome Orthotics!!!

Just bought my 2nd pair today. I love the support on my feet!!

Arch Supports Feedback

Although I have placed several orders for your products, I am not the end user. I have introduced your products to several individuals living in my senior housing complex. After seeing your products on YouTube, I told those I know having documented foot problems to watch your vlog and let me know what they think. That method has resulted in no less than four separate individuals requesting your products. This is also why the exchanges have been above average. At least 2 more persons have expressed interest, but as of yet not ordered. I did not start out to be a distributor for your products, only to help a friend get some relief. All seem to be quite pleased so far. I will most likely continue to order for those not computer comfortable. Should you have additional questions, please contact me.

Great inserts!

These inserts work to help planter fasciitis. If you have not worn them before, know it will take 4 to 12 weeks to completely heal and remove the pain, but you will feel immediate and continuous improvement. I have 3 pairs of the intermediate level bd five of the high level because I keep them in all my shoes.

The real thing for your arch anatomy

This really does have the full 4 curves a high arch should have. Most importantly, and most visibly, which you can compare against inexpensive competitors, is the stable base. There's NO point having an arch support that itself doesn't anchor down into your shoe in stable fashion. Natural Foot orthotics' support has a very solid foundation at the bottom to sit solid on the inner bottom of your shoe surface. Its' breathable and cool. I use it without padding on the top, though they recommend that it be put under padding. The only qualm I have is it's a bit pricey. Other than that it's excellent.

I used to have a foot problem until I got these

In the mornings I woke up and walked to the bathroom like Frankenstein. My feet were stiff and hurt. All the other arch supports I tried were not tall enough to fix my problem. Then I went to a local arch support store (aka GXXX Feet) and paid close to $1000 for a set of these and a pair of hiking books. They worked, but egads, the cost was outrageous. Thanks to the Natural Foot Orthotics guys I was able to get more of the same kind/quality of supports for a way more reasonable price. At first it was like walking with golf balls in my arches, but after some use I became accustomed and in time my feet returned to normal, no more pain or Frankenstein walks. I can hike again. These really did change my life for the better, and that's not an exaggeration.

Intermediate Stabilizer | Arch Support Insert for Medium Arches

Original Stabilizer

I tried on the original stabilizer as instructed. However, after day 7, my lower back hurts after my walk. I rested a couple of days and tried again. Somehow, my lower back pain got worst. Then I tried again and it aggravates my lower back. I will talk to the customer service and seek their advice.

Best Orthotics

These Orthotics are the best! I bought a pair for my daughter and she noticed a difference in her knee alignment immediately. I wear mine during my long walks with my Irish Wolfhound.

Very satisfied

I had some difficulty initially placing my order. Called the contact number, spoke with a very nice lady (Beth?) and got my order(s) in. I am very satisfied with the product and the service, I hope to order more of these supports.

Just Right

I suffer from Morton’s neuroma and these orthotics have totally addressed the problem. Thank you.

Same as Happy Feet store at 1/8th the cost

Same as Happy Feet store at 1/8th the cost. Im a nurse RN and LMT massage therapist, I got these and they are just what I needed to stack my body. My pain went away right away I suffered for years. Caution- if you have flat arches get the lower curve. I have high arches and had to send them back FREE- they sent the less curved ones. I was quoted $800 for the SAME EXACT THING at the good foot store.

Slim Stabilizer | Arch Support Insert for Low/Flat Arches

Wonderful product

Just as good as supports selling for $1200 or more.

Best arch supports i have ever worn

I just bought three more slim stabilizer arch supports (I now have 6) so i have supports for all of my shoes. I bought my first set in 2019 and then later two more. These have been a God send for my flat feet. When i was young i wore arch supports prescribed by a foot doctor - but stopped wearing them as they did not really help much and they were very expensive. There are much better and reasonably priced. I love wearing them and they have made walking much more comfortable.

Feet like hands but all better now with Natural Foot Orthotics

My poor feet are like 2 hands. They do not get any flatter then this. Natural Foot Orthotics and specifically Beth provided not only a great product that tremendously assisted with pain and balance, but Beth provided evaluable info on my foot challenges and the proper way to correct all at a very reasonable, affordable cost. 5 STARTS all the way

NFO best in the business! Hands down!

NFO is the only thing I use , nothing else comes close! A+ +.


I was using the original orthotics and they helped tremendously. They healed my plantar fasciitis but I always had that standing on a golf ball feeling. I tried the ones for flat feet but they weren’t for me. I have very flat feet and these are perfect for me.

Great orthotics

Flexible and very comfortable orthotics.

Works for me

I'm 15 days into wearing these, started per recommended 1 hour per day increase. So far, I'm wearing them most of the day and PF heel pain is virtually gone. I still get an occasional twinge in my heel, but expect it to be completely gone by 30 days of use. I'm enough of a believer that I bought a pair for my wife. Enthusiastically recommended!

Sorry , returning them

Too flexible and too high.


I had a pair similar to these before that lasted almost 10 years, but these seem much better. I have used them for a couple weeks now, and my back pain is much improved. I plan to get some for my wife to see if it will help her knee pain when jogging

The Best of the Best

I've purchased several of these now and what's funny... I pay hundreds,.. while Foot Stores around the country charge Thousands for the SAME THING. So I go to the source. Natural Foot Orthotics.... you are the BEST!

Great Product

Feels great and helps me stay on my feet and forget the problems usually associated with flat foot.


I can't believe I didn't find these sooner! These are absolutely amazing!
I needed something for my arch in my wedding heels (4"). These popped up after hours of searching and looking for different products. I decided to give it a try. The first order ended up being delivered to the wrong address/state but they were quick to send me a replacement. As soon as I put these in (to start the breaking in process), I kid you not.. my posture was different and I felt like my high heels weren't so high anymore. My foot in the shoe felt unbelievably comfortable and I was genuinely in shock due to the different this orthotic made. Walking in them was somewhat awkward the first ten minutes but I quickly adjusted. I am a huge fan and will be recommending these to my fellow high heels lovers!