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We find it very gratifying to hear all the great feedback from our satisfied clients.
Many had previously resigned themselves to years of pain... 
...pain associated with plantar fasciitis, sciatica, neuromas and chronic back pain. 

Thanks to our good feet orthotic solutions like our Slim and Original Stabilizer plantar fasciitis insoles,
Time and time again we hear that the results have been night and day.
And that because of our Stabilizer orthotic insoles, lives are now significantly more enjoyable.

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The pain is gone

This is the 2nd pair we got
I was using for over a year and my sister also got this
No problem anymore and I walk four times a week
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Greatest orthotics

Love these!! This is my second order. They have made all the difference in my feet. Hardly any pain ever. I usually walk 4 miles a day so they get a beating. Helps with plantar fasciitis better than anything else I have tried.

I love that I can wear these with sandals!

The flesh colored insole is perfect with the Velcro pads to hold them in place in my pretty heels and sandals. The black flat insole doesn’t do much for me but it came with, so I’ll keep it just in case.

Seems fine

Wearing them for the third day.
All is good!

Superior Product and Customer Service

If you are on the fence about this product, be assured that it is the best bang for your buck. My arches had fallen and led to knee issues. Within a week of wearing the stabilizers, my knee issue is nearly completely gone. I am back on the treadmill without issues thanks to the Natural Foot Orthotic products.

Best support ever

After trying so many types of inserts, this has been the best pair by far. I bought my pair six years ago (?) and it’s still in perfect condition, I just bought a pair to send to my cousin overseas and bought a second pair for me, highly, highly recommended.

They work

Excellent, they are working better than I dreamed. My feet are getting better everyday.


I put them in all my work shoes . It work great


Best thing I have purchased for my feet. I have both of them. I put the thin ones in my slip on crocs and the thicker ones in my tennis shoes I am on concrete all day long for my job. I purchased two of each so I don’t have to keep switching them between my shoes. I never go barefoot because I suffered from plantar fasciitis these helped me out so I have them in all the shoes I wear.

Awesome inserts for pronation!

My sons feet/ankles roll in and these have corrected the issue!

Finally Relief!!!

I love the arch supports. I am a teacher and am suffering from plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I got these over the summer and found relief once my foot got used to them. I stopped wearing them for awhile and now that school is back in session and I am on hardwood floors, I need to start wearing them again. Thank you for making these available at a practical price.

Large Velcro Dots

These are the best velcro dots I have ever used to hold my orthotics in place.

Velcro Tabs (8)
Elaine M.
Must have for orthotic placement.

I can't find this size anywhere else for the price.


Best orthotic insert I have ever used. No more foot or back pain. Started with the slim and worked my way up to the original. It lifted my arch so well that my foot went down half a shoe size. Would highly recommend to someone with plantar fasciitis or flat feet.

Finale you sold me what

Finale you sold me what I wanted instead of forcing me to buy something I did not want and return it to get my size

High Arch Support Inserts

I have worn a similar product for years but had trouble finding a new set till I ran into yours on the internet. They are great.

Great product

Great product


Wonderful Sturdy Arch Support

Save you back and your money at the same time

I injured my back getting into my car, and the pain was terrible. I went to physical therapy and with time, Advil, and a lot of stretching, it got better. The therapist looked at my "gait," and told to try orthotics. He suggested True Step. They were $400! After a lot of searching, I found Natural Foot, and I'm convinced they are the exact same thing for less than half the price. I bought both the low and the high arch versions, and they are making a huge difference. After the break-in period, walking is much more comfortable, and my back is better. The funny thing is that because they are so much more affordable I'm buying them for all of my shoes. Highly recommended.

Love these!

They changed how I feel about wearing heels.

Outstanding product

I just love my high arch support inserts since they really help with my hip and back pain.

Solid innersole arch support. Reg arch

Didn’t start using them til recently, was laid up after a outpatient procedure. But i was hopeful. I was shipped 8-8.5 and a right size 9. My left measures 8, my right is now size 9 (used to be size 8.5). The right size 9 hurt right away so I quickly went to size 8.5. Since I was previously measured and fitted in a Good Feet store with solid arch supports I knew how happy my feet were with good supports. I spent about 2 hrs in the Good Feet store sizing up and testing the fit, the feel etc because they want so much for their product.
The Natural Foot arches both hurt my feet. The size 8-8.5 on my size 9 foot was better but the 8-8.5 on my left foot was sore to begin with and after a couple hours it was pretty tender. This tenderness didn’t just go away. The next morning my feet were still sore. Hmmm. I was hopeful after finding your product because the next day after the Good Feet visit my feet still seemed less painful but their 3-step plan and pricing seemed very suspicious. Yeah my plantar fasc have been unhappy since May. But maybe I need a 7-7.5 for my left i really don’t know. So I ve stopped using yours til I work up the motivation to try again! Which will be soon. I need to walk, I am type 2 so exercise is necessary but I would like it to be pain free.
Jerry Austad

High Arch Support Inserts

I have used a similar product for years but needed another pair. Trying to find the replacement was difficult. Then I ran across your add and ordered your arch supports and they are exactly what I wanted and needed. They work wonderfully.

Arch support

I really like my arch support.

Very happy wife

After owning my own stabilizers for years and no longer having feet pain, my wife was complaining about issues with her feet and back. We ordered a set for her everyday shoes. After break in, she was very pleased with how her back is no longer bothering her and feet feel better. She is so pleased that she ask me to order stabilizers for her dress shoes. Thanks, you have 2 very happy customers!!