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We find it very gratifying to hear all the great feedback from our satisfied clients.
Many had previously resigned themselves to years of pain... 
...pain associated with plantar fasciitis, sciatica, neuromas and chronic back pain. 

Thanks to our good feet orthotic solutions like our Slim and Original Stabilizer plantar fasciitis insoles,
Time and time again we hear that the results have been night and day.
And that because of our Stabilizer orthotic insoles, lives are now significantly more enjoyable.

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After visiting the Good Feet Store, I researched online and made several calls to companies offering Orthontics. My Final phone call was to Natural Foot Orthonics... After getting a call back from .Beth , who went over in detail the products offered , and suggesting the the right one for me , I placed my order online. I was impressed with the price, the warranty and most of all the quality of support I receive from the Natural Foot Orthonics....They BEAT The Good Feet Store hands downs( or should I say "Feet Down" ) -saving over $1500 was great as well !!! , R, Guzzo 4/7/2024

I used these orthotics for...

Many years. They were a miracle for my back, hips, knees, and feet. I have to get a larger shoe to use these. I'm so excited to have these again and to begin to use them! I have had chronic joint pain from the age of 12yrs. I'll update my review once my shoes get here. Thank you!

I’ve only been wearing my orthotics for 2 weeks but I already notice that I’m not waking up with heel pain in the mornings. So glad for that! The only downside I’ve noticed is that when I put them under my tennis shoe inserts, there is a squeaky noise when I walk. Overall I’m very pleased with the product.

I love walking in my neighborhood

The Natural Foot Orthotics allow me to resume my 2 or 3 mile walks in my neighborhood. Thanks!

Very good

Seems to be helping my foot discomfort.

Cloud comfort

They are what I expected. I just ordered another pair to go with another pair of shoes.


Comfotable. Still gettingnused to them. Having issues with plantar faciatis. It's improving.

I see improvement and hope that plantar fasciitis pain disappears completely soon. I am very hopeful. I hope to be able to give 5 stars before long

Highly recommended

I have cervical and lumbar herniated discs and suffered pain with every pair of shoe, especially during prolonged period of time standing. I became desperate to find relief and kept running into shoe inserts from a very expensive and well know store. But I knew their had to be an affordable alternative. I came across this post that highly recommended Natural Foot Orthotics, so glad I did. I started with the slim and am now ordering another pair. Since wearing them in every pair of shoe I no longer have knee and lower back pain. Cooking and walking feels good again. Try them! You will not regret it.

Arches misplaced

Good arches, but they are too far forward, not where my foot arches are.

insole support

Still working with my orthotics and hoping they're going to work. I'm still having some issue with my plantar fasciitis.

Planter fascitis pain relief

My husband looked at this and said, "now that's a serious arch support!
Wow. This was just what I needed...this is what I wish I would have bought first rather than all of the drugstore ones that didn't help.

New to orthotics

Cloud comfort is good less break-in then traditional stabilizer using them on occasion in my sneakers I am a nurse and am on my feet all day Wish they were more flexible

Super Satisfied

My feet were really hurting at work , I stand on concrete 10 hrs a day , me feet feel great after work , I’ll be putting you inserts in all my shoes.. thanks for the help

Everything is great right now

All is good , feet feeling better , hope you received the returns back ok

Thank you. It really works. I no longer hobble around from intense pain in the evenings after work.

Great orthotics

I've used orthotics in the past and these were great quality. I don't have any foot issues, but some shoes cause irritation at the ball of feet. These fixed that issue.

Beats the Good Feet Store!

These orthotics work great. MUCH, MUCH better than those super expensive ones at the Good Feet Store. I have three pair of Ernie’s Natural Foot Orthotics and my pain is gone. These three pair cost me less than one pair of the Good Feet Store orthotics which did not work for me. I highly recommend the Natural Foot Orthotics. You can’t go wrong. Follow the directions, that is important!


I think that they would be more comfortable if they were the whole length of the shoe


These cloud comfort insoles are incredible! I put them into my gym shoes and I feel like I have an extra pep to my step when I walk in them. Great for strength training , jogging, literally any physical activity ! If you ever have sore feet you gotta grab a pair of these because they will literally change your life!

Made a big difference!

I’m a plumbing contractor and I am on my feet all day and these made a big difference with my normal fatigue I feel toward the middle of the day. I am very satisfied with these and would highly recommend them to anyone who spends time on their feet.


My husband works in construction, and his feet are always hurting him, so I've been on a quest to help him find something that actually works, and now I've found it! When we first received the inserts, we thought how is this going to help the pain? We don't know how they work, all we can say is that they do! Husband says the foot pain is MUCH better, and has noticed improvement with his knees, as well. Win- Win!

5.0 out of 5 stars A flat footed must have!

Pleasantly surprised with how comfortable these are! I am using them for biking, hiking, walking and even wearing them around the house. Highly recommend trying these orthotics, especially if you are flat footed or experience soreness in your feet!


Amazing! When I saw the package I was so excited. My feet have been sore and tired for months. By the end of the day they are throbbing. As soon as I put these in my shoes I knew I would never take them out! The relief was immediate.

The inserts fit all my footwear perfectly. I am feeling positive that my foot discomfort is a thing of the past!