Fashion Stabilizers - Orthotic Insoles For Heels

The perfect arch support solution for any and all open heel, high heel or fashionable shoes!

Fashion High Heel Insoles

  • Improve posture and balance
  • Perfect for bunion support
  • Made of soft, rubber-like (EVA) plastic
  • Supports all four arches of the foot (metatarsal and transverse)
  • Medical grade ¾ length inserts that take pressure off your heels (for plantar fasciitis) and balls of your feet. 

Natural Foot Orthotics® Fashion Stabilizer Orthotics Insoles For Heels is a ¾ length, medical grade arch support for high heels that can be moved from shoe to shoe and heel to heel. Guaranteed to fit into all your heels, shoes, and open back sandals.

Made in the USA | Family owned and operated since 1997 | Your purchase comes with 5-Star Customer Service support, and a guaranteed lifetime warranty!

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The Stabilizer™ Series

  • Orthopedic Shoe Options

    Use our arch support inserts to replace your current shoe inserts, underneath cushions. For plantar fasciitis sandals, slide them in directly to our women's and men's orthopedic sandals. No velcro needed!

The #1 orthotic for plantar fasciitis

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Orthotics Wearing Guide

View our orthotics wearing guide below. It explains the different break-in periods for both the Slim & Original Stabilizer inserts.

natural foot orthotics wearing guidelines

Please get in touch with us anytime for questions regarding your orthotics pre or post-purchase. Thanks for shopping with Natural Foot Orthotics!

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