Slim Orthotic Stabilizer | Insoles Designed for Low to Flat Arches

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Orthotic Arch Support Inserts for Low to Flat Arches

The Slim Stabilizer Insoles are designed for low to flat arches and offer a solution to chronic foot ailments.

Podiatrist Designed - Specifically engineered for people with Low to Flat arches, its unique design supports all four arches of each foot, essentially reshaping the foot and distributing your body weight evenly across the bottom of the foot. This will immediately take pressure off the heels and forefoot and also help to align the knees, hips, and back providing almost instant relief. For good feet support and stability.

Chronic Foot Ailments - The Slim Stabilizer addresses the discomfort associated with chronic foot ailments like Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Bunions, Morton’s Neuroma, Hammertoes, Joint, Lower Back, Balance, and Posture issues along the kinetic chain by placing the foot into the desired subtalar neutral position relieving pressure on vulnerable areas.

Gradual Break-In Period - Acknowledging the importance of a gradual break-in period. Users are advised to wear the Slim Stabilizer for progressively longer durations over one to two weeks. Starting with short wear times on day 1 for 3 hours with gradual daily increases. Multiple orthotics can also be helpful during the break-in period to prevent the arches from going without any support. Natural Foot Cushions can also be worn over the top of this orthotic for additional comfort.

Durable, Semi-Ridged Design - The Slim Stabilizers are a ¾ length orthotic. Designed to work well in dress shoes, athletic and casual dress shoes, and boots. Vented for good airflow and comfort. Made in the USA Manufacturer Established 1997.

Orthotics are a lifelong investment in your quality of life. Orthotics will fit and feel different in every pair of shoes. You may want to consider two to three pairs of orthotics. For example, at work the offers total support needed but when you get home and the demand on your feet is less, the milder Cloud Comfort will still offer support but will help to relax the feet. And this will give you options for different styles of shoes and activities.

Orthotics Wearing Guide

Learn about the "Slim" orthotic arch supports in the following video:


Our Line of Premium Orthotic Insoles Work in The Same Way:

1. They help to reestablish all four arches of each foot.
2. They take pressure off the heel and forefoot to help align the joints and spine.

Orthotic Insoles - Slim for low to flat arches. The Slim insoles were designed to relieve those suffering from foot ailments with medium to high arches. Treat foot pain. Good for Feet.

Slim Stabilizer Benefits & Features:

If you have low to flat foot arches and need alleviation from issues related to plantar fasciitis, the Slim Orthotic Stabilizer Insoles have you covered.

  • Avoid Surgical Procedures, Shots, and Medications - Thousands of satisfied users have already reported 100% relief from plantar fasciitis and heel / forefoot / joint / lower back pain. The Slim Stabilizer insole supports all 4 of your foot arches to take the stress off the plantar fascia. This starts an effective healing process for a fraction of the $400+ price you will see from others.
  • Instant Pain Relief Customized Specifically For You - Orthotic available in men's and women's shoe sizes to ensure the most comfortable experience possible; no general size or trimming length to fit. Easy-to-follow break-in instructions to customize your orthopedic sole to your body’s needs for a lifetime. Wear inside your running shoes, boots, dress shoes, and all types of heels. Specifically for low arches and flat feet (overpronation). We also offer the Fashion Insole Orthotics specifically suited for heels and fashion shoes.
  • Superior Material Produced In The USA - Made from semi-rigid Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) plastic which provides the ideal firmness for best results and permanent pain relief. Avoid cheaper soles with multiple layers glued together that simply pad your feet with no true targeted healing. These are doctor and chiropractor-recommended orthotics.
  • Walk, Run, and Play Sports Pain-Free Again - Relive the days before your plantar fasciitis pain when walking and standing tall were effortless. Enjoy a full workout or day at work without feeling a burning pain with each step. Foot joint and back pain does not have to be something you deal with for the rest of your life.

Lifetime Warranty & 5-Star Customer Support

5 Star Customer Support at Natural Foot Orthotics

Our orthotics support experts are ready to offer the personalized support you need to make sure we help you eliminate your pain from plantar fasciitis in as little time as possible. If you feel like your foot orthotics are not bringing the pain relief you need, we offer a 30-day risk-free trial with our 30-Day Exchange Program that includes a hassle-free return policy.
Please view our Lifetime Warranty & Easy Exchange Policy here

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Maryanne Chow

Slim orthotics feels comfortable on my low arch feet and wide feet now


They are amazing. I love them.


Very comfortable and virtually cured my foot pain. Once you follow the 7-10 day break in period you don’t even notice the inserts are there.

cynthia landers
it works

this stabilizer works. I'm taking the time to break it in as instructed. I wear the maintainers the other times. I have notice that the bottom of my feet doesn't hurt any longer. I can tell that the orthotics are helping my body realign, but this is a marathon not a spring. Thank you.

Ralph Guzzo

After visiting the Good Feet Store, I researched online and made several calls to companies offering Orthontics. My Final phone call was to Natural Foot Orthonics... After getting a call back from .Beth , who went over in detail the products offered , and suggesting the the right one for me , I placed my order online. I was impressed with the price, the warranty and most of all the quality of support I receive from the Natural Foot Orthonics....They BEAT The Good Feet Store hands downs( or should I say "Feet Down" ) -saving over $1500 was great as well !!! , R, Guzzo 4/7/2024

Joseph Burkot

I see improvement and hope that plantar fasciitis pain disappears completely soon. I am very hopeful. I hope to be able to give 5 stars before long

Highly recommended

I have cervical and lumbar herniated discs and suffered pain with every pair of shoe, especially during prolonged period of time standing. I became desperate to find relief and kept running into shoe inserts from a very expensive and well know store. But I knew their had to be an affordable alternative. I came across this post that highly recommended Natural Foot Orthotics, so glad I did. I started with the slim and am now ordering another pair. Since wearing them in every pair of shoe I no longer have knee and lower back pain. Cooking and walking feels good again. Try them! You will not regret it.

Deena Mapley
Beats the Good Feet Store!

These orthotics work great. MUCH, MUCH better than those super expensive ones at the Good Feet Store. I have three pair of Ernie’s Natural Foot Orthotics and my pain is gone. These three pair cost me less than one pair of the Good Feet Store orthotics which did not work for me. I highly recommend the Natural Foot Orthotics. You can’t go wrong. Follow the directions, that is important!

Stacy Creyer

I think that they would be more comfortable if they were the whole length of the shoe

Donna Layle
Slim Fit

Love love love them! I felt immediate relief when trying them out. It did take a little time to get my feet acquainted with the slim fit... But a few weeks have passed and I can't walk without them!