Original Stabilizer Orthotics - Arch Support Shoe Inserts

Original Stabilizer Orthotics - Arch Support Insoles

The Original Stabilizer arch support insoles offer the most aggressive arch support as compared to our Slim Stabilizer low arch shoe inserts. Both work the same way, but these high arch insoles are designed specifically for medium to high arches.

Original Stabilizer features:

  • For medium to high arches
  • Alleviates problems associated with plantar fasciitis
  • A break-in period is required (wearing guide)
  • 5-Star customer support
  • 30-day exchange program


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The Original Stabilizer™

Natural Foot Orthotics owner Ernie Parrish video presentation

Natural Foot Orthotics® founder and owner, Ernie Parrish, explains how the Original Stabilizer works.

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Why Natural Foot Orthotics?

  • arch support insoles make you feel like walking on the beach

    If you have any questions about our Original Stabilizer orthotic insoles, please contact us any time! Also, view our Frequently Asked Questions:


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Orthotics Wearing Guide

View our orthotics wearing guide below. It explains the different break-in periods for both the Slim & Original Stabilizer inserts.

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Please get in touch with us anytime for questions regarding your orthotics pre or post-purchase. Thanks for shopping with Natural Foot Orthotics!

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