Natural Foot Orthotic Cushions

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Cushions For Orthotic Arch Supports

Add comfort, prevent step shock, and wick away perspiration.

Includes: 1 Pair of Natural Sponge Rubber Orthotic Cushions.

  • Add comfort to any shoe or boot - Place cushion over orthotic arch supports. If possible, remove the existing shoe insole.
  • Helps prevent step shock and keeps your feet cool and dry. Perfect for athletes and anyone who spends time on their feet.
  • Nylon covering, 3/16 thick of natural sponge rubber.
  • Trim accordingly by purchasing a size higher than you normally wear unless your exact size cushion is there.
  • Come in 6 sizes that will work for the full range of any men's or women's shoe sizes. Qty One Pair.

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Learn more about the Natural Foot Orthotic Cushions

Learn how they fit into your shoes in the following video presentation:

Natural Foot Orthotic Cushions:

  • Made of 100% Natural Sponge Rubber with Nylon Covering
  • 6 sizes to choose from
  • Family-owned and operated since 1997
  • 5-Star Customer Service Support
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Kenneth Humphries

I've had some knee and back issues so I went to the Good Feet Store to see about orthotics. When they put the arch supports on and I walked around, I felt more stable and balanced and my lower back felt stronger, just like they advertise. Then the told me the price. I was shocked and turned off and left. I was researching arch supports on the internet and ran across Natural Foot Orthotics. They look like the same thing I tried on at the Good Feet Store, had a lifetime warranty and were a fraction of the cost. So I ordered them. When I got them, I tried them on and they did the same thing as what I experienced at the Good Feet Store. I've been wearing them ever since and I'm amazed at what they have done for my knees and back. I'm a believer and saved about $2,000. Thanks National Foot Orthotics for your product.

Best cushion pad

We love this type of sponge rubber pad over the support. They never flatten , always spring back. Hand washable (yay) and after a year or so, crumble. Everything else flattens and dosent do its job!

June Bohrer

Orthotic Cushions (1 Pair)

Billy Brewer
Orthotic Cushions

Works well good product.

Daniel M
Great value

Great value and customer service

Daud Hirmandi
The pain is gone

This is the 2nd pair we got
I was using for over a year and my sister also got this
No problem anymore and I walk four times a week
Best Products

Martha G.
Ahhhh Sweet Relief

This is my 4th pair of inserts. They are amazing. I accidentally gave away one pair in my haste to clear out some old shoes. Once I figured out what I had done, I had to replace them! They’ve kept my plantar fasciitis at bay for 3 years now! Thank you!

Catherine H.
Great for high arches

It took me awhile to acclimate to the arch. I started out with just one hour a day, but it was when I walked the dog approximately 2 miles. I have been walking 3 miles daily in them now. I would also recommend buying shoes with your orthotic to make sure you like the fit with the shoe and don’t jam your toes. This was the only arch I bought that gave me enough support to help with my plantar fasciitis and enabled me to walk daily without increasing pain.

Beth D.
Just what I expected

I am very satisfied with the thin pads I ordered to wear over my orthotics. They were just what I expected and hoped for. They provided additional padding without making my shoes and boots too tight. Delivery was fast - right before a hiking trip that I needed them for!

Sally D.
Month of evaluation

I read the directions and tried to follow them faithfully. The orthotics seemed to be a perfect fit for my arch. The stiffness compared to the ones I was using felt comfortable. Some of my shoes did not allow as much room for the Natural Foot orthotic. I am still using the others and using the NForthotics in my tennis shoes. The support I get with the movement needed for tennis is great. I leave the court without foot pain. I am thinking of buying the other style for my everyday shoes. With the winter weather we are having in Wisconsin, I am changing orthotics often from shoes to boots and back.