Orthotics Beach Balance Test

The feet are the bedrock for the body when it comes to balance, thus it's crucial to pay special attention to them.

The Beach Balance Test. How Orthotics Work "Naturally" Video


This video is transcribed below, followed by additional information about orthotics and balance.

Hi, my name is Ernie Parrish, founder of Natural Foot Orthotics®. And I am so excited to be here today filming at the beach. So what we're going to be doing is a biomechanical balance test before and after on a hard surface, on a Boogie board, and then on our Natural Foot Orthotics® Stabilizer Orthotic Insoles, all then compared to sand.

The sand is like the perfect orthotic. When you're standing on the sand, it just feels good. You're grounded, and it's actually supporting all four arches of the foot. And that's what our orthotics do naturally. So when you have that foundation, it's actually shaping the foot. It is aligning the joints, ankles, knees, and even the back. The back comes in, shoulders come back.

So this comparison of our orthotics on the sand is really amazing, and I think it will help you understand how our orthotics work. As you can see from the biomechanical balance test, we started off on a flat surface, the Boogie board. And as I applied pressure to her arms in front of her, she moves forward. The same as from the rear and from side to side. We were never designed to walk on hard surfaces. So the sand is ideal. Through that biomechanical balance test, this is what's happening.

She's on a flat surface. And when I apply a little pressure, she collapses. Our Natural Foot Orthotics® Stabilizer Orthotic Insoles actually mimic being on the sand. They support and reestablish all four arches of the foot.

So what it does is it's filling in these arches here. It's taking pressure off the heel and the forefoot. So when you see Ellie standing barefoot on the sand, she balances perfectly. She doesn't budge a bit. It's just like when she was standing on the orthotic.

That's why they're so effective. You can do this without surgeries. Without medications. Without shots. They're just a natural way to get your body fit again.

Do Orthotics Help Balance?

Depending on foot type and mechanics, you may benefit from orthotics. Orthotics (shoe inserts) can help improve efficiency of your mechanics and keep you in good alignment when you walk or run. They can also help to distribute your body weight more evenly, which will reduce the ground reaction forces and maximize cushioning. All of these can help with balance.

- Quote from Matt Neufield, BKin, CPed (C) on how orthotics help with balance excerpted from his presentation on this Dizziness Balance Disorders article

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